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An adventure in the land of hobbits


In November 2014 I packed my Aussie life into two suitcases (I have no idea how on earth I managed!) and boarded a plane to start a new page in New Zealand.
Even though moving from Australia, the love of my life, after 2,5 years is one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever had to take I was certain that it was my time to go, for now.
I landed in Auckland on midnight of the night 10-11 November and have since then created a life for myself here.
I moved into a house with a bunch of kiwis in the end of November and have since started a new job within retail, selling outdoor travel gear and clothing. During my days off I explore Auckland’s suburbs and travel around the North Island whenever I get the chance.
Since arriving here I have been to places like Coromandel, Hobbiton, Tauranga & Kaimai-Mamaku Forest Park.

This post, this page in my life, is an ongoing adventure and will be updated as I go.
Upcoming adventures are:
Bay of Islands
Lake Taupo
Tongariro National Park


Have you traveled in New Zealand? 
I’m looking for inspiration and tips all the time! Please leave your experiences & tips as a comment below!


4 thoughts on “An adventure in the land of hobbits

  1. Oh wow, puzzle world looks like great fun! 😀 I will definitely try to go there!
    I think we’re gonna hire a car and drive all the way down to Dunedin, will try and see as much as possible on the way :D.

    Thanks for all the tips 🙂


    • Thanks for your tip Lucy!
      I’m definitely going down to the South Island (I literally cannot wait to go!). I’ve heard so much about Wanaka and I’m super excited to explore it. Did you do any tramping when you were here??


      • We didn’t although we met lots of people who had we unfortunately didn’t have a look of time there! Visit puzzle world if you have chance whilst you are there, it’s a fascinating place and definitely worth a visit! I think the best way to see the S.Island for sure is to hire a car. We found so many places that were off the beaten track that we wouldn’t have found otherwise!

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