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How Australia won my heart


In 2012 I packed my bags to escape the familiar and move to Australia for 6 months, 6 months turned into 2,5 years and Sydney, the love of my life.

Me and the two friends I traveled with started our journey towards Australia with some relaxation in Thailand. We explored the streets of Bangkok and spent some time on Koh Samet’s beaches before we continued our travels to Sydney.
When arriving at Sydney’s airport we got in a cab and after a 30 min cab ride stepped out of the car, backpacks on our shoulders, on to the doorstep of one of the worlds most famous beaches, Bondi Beach.

Our plan was to stay for a week to explore Sydney and then move on, we didn’t. We all fell head over heals in love with Sydney. The cliff walks, beaches, the sunshine and the people. There was no turning back. We spent 6 months working and living together in an apartment in Bondi Beach before my friends were heading back home for the swedish summer. I was now by myself, well not all by myself… During these 6 months I had made many friends and was beginning to feel right at home.

Since I was living in Australia on a working holiday visa that lasts a year (there’s a possibility to extend it by doing regional work). I spent this year working and exploring the east coast but as my Visa expired and I was far from ready to leave I decided to enrol into a Photo imaging course at CATC.
I started school in October 2012, in the middle of The Rocks, overlooking the Sydney Opera house and the harbour bridge . The year following I was under a lot of pressure, studying an intense diploma, working full time and building my photography business on the side, but I was surrounded by creativity and inspiring people every single day, I was living a life that I loved and I was doing Photography.
I’ve never been so challenged and received such great rewards in my entire life. It was tough work but I’ve never regretted any of it.

Photo of me by: Angi Kim 

At the end of my studies I was rewarded with one of the greatest adventures of my life,
I was chosen out of thousand applicants for an Internship with one of Australia’s travel companies, Experience OZ. My internship was however nothing like other internships, it involved no coffee making or errands running. I was to travel Australia’s East Coast to photograph and write about some of Australia’s best travel experiences, I was taking part in TV, radio and newspaper interviews on a daily basis. It was a dream come true!

The following weeks I found myself in new incredible and thrilling situations every hour; deep under the surface scuba diving the great barrier reef, in a hot air balloon watching the sun rising over the hills of Cairns, bungy jumping, helicopter riding, at the top of some of Australia’s tallest buildings and in the arms of koala bears. I got to experience and document some of the best adventures that Australia has to offer, it was a perfect ending to my stay in Australia.

With another visa expiring I thought it was time for me to leave Sydney for a while so I packed my bags and boarded a plane to neighbouring New Zealand and Auckland.
Read more about my time in Australia here and follow my current adventure in New Zealand here.

Have you lived abroad or traveled to Sydney?
I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “How Australia won my heart

  1. I was in Australia fairly recently and I totally love Sydney too! Nice photos. My family and I spent about 3 weeks in Australia and the time we were there was great (I am actually working on writing about our time there in my blog…if you want to hear more in the future 🙂 )


  2. This was so interesting to read! I can relate to it being challenging sooo much. I just got to Australia a few days ago (I’m the jellyfish girl, lol) and I’m hoping to fall in love with it like you did. I definitely want to see Sydney.


  3. Reading this made me want to explore my own country! Hands down, you’ve done more things than I have and I’ve lived there my whole life. This also made me homesick haha


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