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The Blue Mountains

This is a story about a spontaneous day trip to the Blue Mountains. It amazes me how close this gorgeousness of nature is to the inner city of Sydney. A 1,5 hour ride on the train from Central Station and you’re in the most amazing landscapes surrounded by green jungle plants and waterfalls.

A massive red double decker bus appeared around the corner from Katoomba train station, it bounced across the streets before it came to a stop next to us.
“Will you take us to Hogwarts?!” we excitingly bubbled as we ran in through the door and up the steps to experience the ride on the second level.

“Hej jag heter Jimmy” – Hi my name is Jimmy, our bus guide announced through the speakers knowing we were from Sweden. Jimmy told us stories about the Blue mountains as he drove us on a guided trip around the mountains allowing us to get of at any track we wished.

We were on a limited time schedule and had to plan our time well. We decided to hike down the hundred steps to enter the Three Sisters and back up to watch them from afar.






The Three Sisters is an unusual rock formation, according to Aboriginal legend, representing three sisters turned to stone.The legend says that the three sisters who were members of the Katoomba tribe fell in love with

three brothers from the Nepean tribe. When forbidden to marry the brothers decided to capture the sisters which caused a tribal battle.
To protect the sisters, who’s lives where in danger, a witchdoctor took it upon him to turn the sisters into stone. When the battle was over the witchdoctor was supposed to turn them back but as the struggle got rough the witchdoctor died in battle and the sisters rock formation is now remaining as a reminder for new generations.

Weather you want to believe the legends or not the three sisters provide a magnificent view as they rise next to each other in the middle of a valley of endless green covered mountains. As the sun was moving over the valley the sisters changed colors from bright orange to light yellow.

Next stop for our day was Leura Cascades, there are carefully placed staircases and ramps around the mountains to make it easier for it’s visitors to roam around to the outlooks and as we ran down to the Leura cascades these staircases were really helpful.
Our time schedule didn’t allow us much time here but we managed to visit some waterfalls and took time to stop and breath some of the peace and beauty of the valley before we had to run up the stairs to catch the bus back to Katoomba station.

Have you been to the Blue Mountains? What’s your favourite memory? Share it in the comments!

2 thoughts on “The Blue Mountains

  1. They are so gorgeous! I loved going there and try to go as often as possible. Such an amazing and easy way to get out of the city for a bit :).

    Oh no! That happened to me and my friends when we went to visit a waterfall in Byron Bay, haha. It’s a bummer but fortunately Blue Mountain still has much to offer 😀


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