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Top 5 bars in Sydney


Sydney is a city worth mentioning for it’s beauty, beaches, suburbs, overall diversity and it’s art scene, but also because of it’s supercool bars and nightlife spread out a little bit everywhere.

Here’s a short list of some of my favourite bars:

 1. Frankie’s pizza, 50 Hunter St, Sydney 2000
Whilst you can order great pizzas here this place is nothing like the regular hang-over-I-don’t-feel-like-cooking- pizza places. Frankie’s pizza is an experience in itself. With live music almost every day of the week and a secret back area known as the Fun room Frankie’s won’t let you down. With walls decorated with quirky photos, texts and fairy lights and the tables dressed in traditional red checked fabric a la Italia, you will feel like you’ve entered a secret pass.

2. Bondi Hardware, 39 Hall St, Bondi Beach 2026
If you’re heading to Bondi for the day then Bondi Hardware located in the heart of Bondi is well worth a visit.
It shows off with it’s creative interials; exposed brick walls, industrial lighting and plants hanging from the ceiling. Behind the Pineapple decorated bar you’ll find the typical Bondi not-so-badlooking hipster bartenders dressed in funky shirts ready to help you order your fancy cocktail or well-sorted wine. If you’re hungry then get some friends together for dinner here, the food comes as tapas in slider portions and sharing plates.
A little advice is to make a booking, especially if you’re planning a visit during the weekend.

3. Shady Pines, Shop 4, 256 Crown St, Darlinghurst 2010
There’s no place like Shady Pines.
In my opinion this is Sydney’s best themed bar, and I’m a sucker for themed places. With animal heads decorating the walls and bartenders very worthy of their labels this place is gold.

If you’d like to go to America for a night without actually having to go the miles- but still get the peanuts and old school rock n’ roll music- then Shady Pines is for you!
Don’t miss out on the apple juice-vodka freshly pressed as you’re standing by the bar, that you (if you’re there on a good night) might get the pleasure of dancing upon.
But first you’ll have to find it! And that’s easier said then done. Look for a shady doorman dressed in black in the middle of Crown Lane, he’s your key to the door leading down to this underground gem. Just make sure that you’ll make it there earlier rather than later. Shady Pines is very popular, but also very small, and rightfully so!

4. The Glenmore Hotel, 96 Cumberland St, The Rocks 2000
If you’re planning to impress that gorgeous not-from-Sydney woman or man then take them here!
With music that is not too loud, a trendy but simple menu and a view so beautiful, this makes the perfect first-bar for someone who’s new to Sydney, actually… for anybody in Sydney.
Catching a seat on the rooftop, overlooking the Sydney Opera House, is a must!
The service is quick and nice, and there’s also a downstairs seating area for those of you who don’t like heights.

5. Sydney Opera Bar, Lower Concourse, Bennelong Point, Sydney 2000
This is Sydney’s most famous bar… and for good reasons. With outdoor seating all along the ocean you’re going to get majorly spoiled with a close-up view of the sun setting behind Sydney’s famous harbour bridge.
Arrive here early on the weekends to get a table in the glamor of the Sydney Opera House since it gets packed long before sunset.


What’s your favourite Sydney bar?
Tell me in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Top 5 bars in Sydney

  1. Next time you’re in town be sure to check out The Soda Factory, Johnny Wong’s, Assembly Bar, Island Bar, and Coogee Pavilion just to name a few (if you haven’t already). I like that you included Shady Pines to this list 😉


    • Soda Factory is really cool!! Oh, and Island bar… That’s a really good one! I went there for a friends birthday once. Maybe I should extend my list and make it a 10 instead, haha!
      I don’t think I’ve been to Johnny Wong’ or Assembly though…. I have to check those out! Thanks for the tips Angelica!! 😀


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